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Discover How This Keyword Gold Miner Will Help Boost Your SEO Campaigns!

What This Amazing Software Does:

1、 Create a list of thousands of misspelled keywords in just a few clicks.
2、 Up to 6 options for you to choose from on how to you want the keywords to be misspelled.
3、 Add your own keyword list in the software for more flexibility.
4、 Adwords keyword wrapper feature to easily prepare your adword campaign.
5、 Organize keywords in broad, exact, phrase, lowercase and negative case.
6、 Saves you a ton of time, effort and spare you from spending thousands of dollars in competing for expensive keywords in the search engines.

Keyword Gold Miner Instructions:

Step 1: Keyword Gold Miner

The empty box on the left is for you to enter a list of keywords that you want to generate misspell with.

Just copy and paste the keyword list in this box (or if you have the keywords in a TXT file, just click on Load button to select the file).

Select the options provided in the middle:

Skip letter (a character will be missed out randomly)

Double letters (some letters will be typed twice)

Reverse letters (the order of the characters will be swapped)

Skip spaces (2 or 3 words will become 1 single word)

Missed keys (typed the wrong key, e.g. type "a" instead of "s")

Inserted keys (typed a character more than required)

Once selected, click on Generate button.

A new keyword list is being created in the right box. You can then save the list by clicking on the Save button just below the right box.

Step 2: Adwords

Same principle applies for this step. The left box is the one you enter your keyword list and the right one is the output.

Select the format you want from the option in the middle to wrap the keywords in proper adwords format for your PPC campaign.

These are the 5 formatting options:


Phrase match

Exact match


Minus sign

Click on the Format button to wrap the keyword list.

The output results will be shown inside the right box and you can save the list by clicking on the Save button.

You are done!

Keywords: keyword;keywords;misspelle;seo
File Size: 1354 KBytes

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