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Don’t worry—when I write about ―mind hacking,‖ it’s not to tell you about someone or some organization that is trying to hack your mind. No, this eBook will actually teach you how to hack your own mind for its greatest potential, so that you can reach your maximum personal potential as well. Specifically, this eBook will focus on the power of your mind in the face of difficulties that can keep you from reaching your goals if you let them. This is absolutely not one of those eBooks with a simple formula for success that makes life sound like a primrose path. It’s not! Life is hard, and obstacles get in our way. There are ups and downs, successes and failures, joys and sorrows. How do you persevere through them all to reach the objectives that you have? You will find out in this eBook as we dig deeply into the power of the mind. That’s right: this eBook is not going to urge you to change your circumstances, to quit your job, to move to a new country, to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend. No, this eBook has as its primary thesis that all you need to succeed is within you already. In other words, your success largely hinges on your ability to soldier on amidst hardship and keep a laser focus on your ambitions. This eBook will also touch on your need to have more confidence, a self-assurance that can tell people ―No‖ when needed and ensure that you are not exploited by anything or anyone as you achieve your dreams. This eBook is also specifically intended to counteract the crippling mindset that creates statements like these: ―No matter what I do, everything in my life seems to work against me.‖ ―People take advantage of me all of the time. I guess I’m too nice, and it’s too late to change.‖ ―I would go for huge goals in life, but I just don’t have what it takes.‖
If you have ever made a statement like one of the three above, either verbally or in your mind, this eBook is for you! This work will give you the tools to build and maintain high self-esteem and produce the type of confidence that leads to success, especially when life’s circumstances seem to get in the way of that quest. Why do you think that you have those hopes and dreams in your heart? Are they there simply to torment you? No, not at all. They are there because they are meant to be fulfilled. It is hoped that this eBook can help you in that process. Whatever the reason for your reduced self-esteem, whether that be conditioning in your early life that convinced you that you were less than you really are, or later input from parents, teachers and ―friends‖ who have convinced you that you are nothing special. In fact, you might even see yourself as a loser or a victim. This eBook is not going to allow you to play the role of victim anymore. You are going to break out of that prison and learn how to stay on track to achieve your life goals. It is hoped that you will transform from being a person who wakes up dreading the day to someone who can’t wait to see what opportunities await, and someone who welcomes difficulties as a way to become stronger. This eBook will give you proven to achieve personal growth through enhanced self-esteem, an increase in willpower, a look at the power of visualization, advice on how to find energy from a good diet and health regimen, as well as many other approaches.
Much of what is reported here comes from an extensive survey of the most successful, self-made people in the world. The same ways that they gained self-esteem to overcome barriers to success will be passed on to you in these pages.
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